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Woman with pets We provide access to discounts on many types of pet medications and we have several tools and resources available to you to help you find the best price on your pet’s medication. Simply ask your veterinarian to write you out a prescription, then return to this website to guide you through the simple ways you can begin saving hundreds of dollars or more per year on your pets medications!

If you cannot locate your pet’s medication on our website please call our customer service team at 1-877-774-4474 and someone will be more than happy to assist you!

Retail pet medication: Did you know that approximately 50% of all prescriptions prescribed for your pet can be filled at your local pharmacy, saving you hundreds of dollars or more per year on your pet’s health & wellness.

Please be sure to ask your veterinarian to provide you with a written prescription so you can utilize the Retail Pet Meds program and start saving at your local shopping center pharmacy.

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Specialty pet medication:Dog and Cat In certain instances your pet's prescription may require extra special attention. These medications are commonly referred to as specialty compounded drugs.

In order to make sure your pet receives the best care available we ask that you please call our specialty pharmacist at 1-877-774-4474 to assist you with these medications or visit our specialty pet medications page, which provides you with some of the more common medications in this category.

If you have any questions or need help with your pet’s prescriptions, the customer service team at 1-877-774-4474 can assist you filling your prescriptions.

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